French Open Prize Money 2017 : Here's the take down of French Open 2017 Prize Money which is played at Roland Garros. It's increased by 12% overall French Open Prize Money has been increasing significantly over the past years. The prize money for French Open 2017 has increased by 12% overall. Now this is something which we haven't seen from the Roland Garros organizers in the past. This hike will surely boost the players confidence to earn more by winning the title. Of course, they play for pride and honour but at the end money is what all matters to survive. Isn't it?

French Open Prize Money

French Open 2017 Prize Money

This year's finalists will take away 2 million Euros and most interestingly the players reaching third round will take home 1 million Euros. Now this is one of the most drastic changes we have seen over the times. Even if the player get through the third round he/she can take half of the money of which the tournament winner will take home.

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We haven't seen such hike for those reaching in third round in any of the grand slam tournaments before. It will be interesting to see what players react to this and improvize their game to reach the final stages of French Open 2017. The point here to note is players don't play for money if they want to get back their pride and honour. There are many players who will be looking forward to make the most out of the French Open because every one don't get a chance to win the Grand Slams every now and then. Roger Federer will also be keen to win the title this year. If you are interested to read more about the predicted winners, you can check the detailed post of French Open 2017 predictions right now!

Rafael Nadal King of Clay

Just for an instance, let's take Nadal into consideration. We are sure that he will not be playing for money this year but he want to gets his rankings, honour, respect etc back by winning Roland Garros this year. We are not insulting him here, it's just an example that the players have nothing to do with the French Open prize money or anything else. All they want is to see their fans happy and win the tournament in convincing way. Nevertheless, he is already a true champion and we expect him to get back in form in this year's French Open Tennis Grand slam.

Roland Garros 2017

So this is all about the French Open 2017 prize money information. We hope that you got enough information of what we have posted in this article. You can also go through the schedule of French Open 2017 to check the dates of one of the most prestigious grand slam tournament played every year. Stay tuned to our blog to get all the latest updates of the French Open 2017 which is to be played at Roland Garros in the clay courts as it happens every year :) 

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